First L3Pilot paper published

The first L3Pilot paper out of a series of papers on the acceptance of conditionally automated cars is finally published at the Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology & Behaviour and accessible via the following link:

The paper presents results of a questionnaire study among 9,118 car drivers from eight European countries that was conducted in the L3Pilot project together with the University of Leeds, VTT, SNF and the TU Delft. The main goal of the paper was to identify the factors of acceptance.

One of the main findings is that in order to promote acceptance, driving with a conditionally automated car has to be fun, and the benefits of conditionally automated cars have to be clearly demonstrated in people’s social networks. 28.03% of respondents could envision the purchase of a conditionally automated car, and 41.85% the engagement in secondary, eyes-off road activities.