L3Pilot Code of Practice Workshop to be held in Paris on 21 October 2020

The L3Pilot Code of Practice (CoP) Workshop is planned to take place in Paris, France on 21 October 2020.

Aim of the workshop is to get feedback from invited experts and stakeholders on the current results of the L3Pilot CoP. Up to 12 experts will prepare their feedback and present it during the CoP Workshop. The results of the CoP Workshop will serve the final deliverable on this topic, D2.3 `Code of Practice for development of Automated DrivingĀ“, which will be published in early 2021.

Recent results of the L3Pilot Code of Practice can be found in the Deliverable D2.2 `Draft and results from pilot application of draft CoPĀ“, which has already been published on the L3Pilot Website:

The L3Pilot Code of Practice is developed by the L3Pilot sub-project SP2 named Code of Practice for automated driving, which is elaborating a series of recommendations for designing and developing automated and highly automated vehicles.

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