L3Pilot @ ITS World Congress in Singapore - Review

L3Pilot partners successfully presented the L3Pilot project during the 2019 ITS World Congress in Singapore.

During the whole week from 21-25 October 2019, congress guests could get in touch with L3Pilot partners at the Volkswagen exhibition and the Honda booth. L3Pilot project video showed future business environments for AD developed by partners.

On 23 October 2019, the Special Interest Session 23, organised out of the L3Pilot project, gained high interest among the audience. Speakers from Europe, Asia and the US gave presentations regarding the topic `Testing of Automated Driving on Public Roads - Challenges and First Lessons Learned´.

Presenters were:

  • Aria Etemad, Volkswagen, Germany, Automated Driving in Europe: Introduction to large-scale piloting
  • Satu Innamaa, VTT, Finland, Methodology for testing Automated Driving in Europe
  • Jukka Laitinen, VTT, Finland, Cyber-security for AD experiments in Europe
  • Giannis Karaseitanidis, ICCS, Greece, The ICT infrastructure architecture for enabling the transition to higher levels of vehicle automation
  • Shinji Itsubo, ITS Japan, Key research findings from FOTs in rural depopulated areas in Japan
  • Jane Lappin, Director, Government Affairs & Public Policy, Toyota Research Institute, USA, Overview AD testing in the US

ERTICO Chairman Dr. Angelos Amditis, ICCS, moderated the session. In particular the common methodology and the shared data format were of interest in the discussions.

The ITS World Congress is the leading transport technology congress. Next editions:

The 27th ITS World Congress will take place in Los Angeles, USA, 4-8 October 2020: (→External link).
The 28th ITS World Congress will take place in Hamburg, Germany, 11-15 October 2021: (→External link).

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