L3Pilot project successfully finalised with Final Event

L3Pilot celebrated a week of Final Event in conjunction with ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg.

L3Pilot celebrated a week of Final Event (→ external link) in conjunction with ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg, Germany, with Level 3 Driving Demonstrations, a large and lively Exhibition and a two-day Conference with a dense agenda.

About the demonstrations:

  • BMW, Honda, Stellantis and Ford demonstrated the Motorway Chauffeur in six vehicles on the motorways B75 and A255/A1 in 15 to 20-minute tours starting at Elbinsel Veddel.
  • Volkswagen and fka (linked third party) showed the Urban Chauffeur in four cars in a 5 to 7-minute tour across the city of Hamburg on the TAVF test track. Watch a short teaser clip here (→ external link).
  • The cars were driving in conditional automated mode taking over all dynamic driving tasks with safety drivers on board. They were prepared to respond appropriately at any time to the vehicle's requests to intervene.

Check out the L3Pilot Deliverables to learn more about the project achievements.

  • A pan-European piloting environment for Automated Driving on a new scale has been created.
  • A comprehensive new methodology for testing & evaluating Automated Driving across Europe is available in the four Deliverables D3.1, D3.2, D3.3 and D3.4.
  • The evaluation results in D7.1, D7.2, D7.3 and D7.4 comprise four primary areas of analysis:
    • Technical and Traffic evaluation assessed the effect of automated driving on vehicle behaviour and the surrounding traffic.
    • User and acceptance evaluation assessed users’ evaluation and acceptance of automated driving functions and behaviour with the functions.
    • Impact assessment focused on the potential impacts of so-called mature automated driving functions on personal mobility, traffic safety, traffic efficiency and the environment.
    • Socio-economic impact assessment utilised the above analyses to determine monetary values for the estimated effects as well as costs and benefits of automated driving.

The L3Pilot Code of Practice for the Development of Automated Driving Functions has been fully edited as a public document.

The L3Pilot presentations of the Final Event are available here.

The L3Pilot Common Data Format and all public data is available here: Please visit this site for updates.

The final press release has been published here. For a brief overview over the L3Pilot results download this flyer.

The L3Pilot Final Report will be available soon. Come back for more and follow us on Twitter @_L3Pilot_ and our LinkedIn group.