L3Pilot research questions and hypotheses available for download

L3Pilot Deliverable D3.1 ‘From Research Questions to Logging Requirements’ reports a list of research questions with associated hypotheses, performance indicators and required vehicle-based data logging needs. The research questions provide the foundation for L3Pilot and will be used to direct the study of SAE Level 3 (and Level 4) automated driving. The questions are related to a specific evaluation and impact area defined at the outset of the L3Pilot project and motivated by the FESTA approach and existing literature in the field.

The content of this published deliverable is intended to be a ‘living document’ for the project. Research questions will be revised as more information on the tested automated driving functions is available, and as further work is completed on matching the experimental procedures and evaluation methods to the research questions. The feasibility of each research question is assessed in cooperation with partners involved in the preparation and delivery of the pilot studies, and the evaluation activities.

The deliverable also reports the performance indicators needed to answer the research questions. The definition of performance indicators required for the evaluation supports the selection of piloting tools and testing of the data processing and analysis chain, before full-scale, on-road testing starts.

The draft version of the deliverable can be downloaded here.