L3Pilot @ Virtual ITS European Congress

L3Pilot presented to the virtual edition of the ITS European Congress on November 9, 2021, on major milestones from the project during the session PS1122 - Comprehensive tools for advancing Automated Driving systems.

The partners achieved to create a comprehensive methodology framework for the evaluation of automated driving in Europe – they succeeded in defining a common methodological ground for all research conducted in the framework of L3Pilot. For the pilot tests, a common data format has been developed to genuinely evaluate the data collected on different test sites with diverse conditions. Another achievement is the definition of the Code of Practice for the development of AD functions.

Furthermore, L3Pilot provides an outstanding international survey studying user behaviour. Results from this study were presented.

The series of presentations was finished with an outlook towards on what to expect during ITS World Congress 2021 (--> external link) in Hamburg, Germany. Harry Evers, Managing Director ITS Hamburg 2021 welcomed L3Pilot to hold its Final Event in conjunction with #ITSWC21. On October 11-15 2021, more than 20 cars from L3Pilot can be experienced in Hamburg: They will drive on motorways and in the city of Hamburg and the functionalities will be exhibited to the audiences of the ITS World Congress in the exhbition hall.

The presenters and their topics:

Satu Innamaa, VTT: Comprehensive Methodology for Evaluating Automated Driving in Europe
Felix Fahrenkrog, BMW: Code of Practice for Automated Driving
Johannes Hiller, ika: Common Data Format for Automated Driving Testing
Sina Nordhoff, EICT: User Study
Harry Evers, ITS World Congress Hamburg 2021: ITS World Congress 2021

The L3Pilot presentations are available for download here.