Project Coordinator Aria Etemad presented on automated driving to European Parliament

Aria Etemad, Coordinator of the L3Pilot project from Volkswagen Group Research participated in the Driving Future Platform at the European Parliament on March 7, 2018.

The Driving Future Platform (→external link) consists of a series of events in the European Parliament organised by Ismail Ertug, MEP, and is dedicated to stakeholder dialogue on future vehicles and mobility.

The 6th edition of the platform focused on the role of research funding advancing connected and automated driving. Etemad represented the European Council for Automotive R&D – EUCAR (→external link) as leader of the Expert Group for automated vehicles and used the opportunity to present the L3Pilot to the event participants

Other presenters of the evening were Director Clara de la Torre (DG RTD), Eckhard Steiger (Bosch), Armin Gräter (ERTRAC) and Alessandro Coda (CLEPA). A lively discussion was held on the influence of research and innovation policy on automated driving. All the presentations are available here: (→external link)