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L3Pilot first Showcase, EUCAR Annual Reception & Conference, Autoworld Brussels/ Belgium
Nov 6-7, 2018


Overview over L3Pilot, User study
L3Pilot_firstShowcase_presentation_Aria Etemad_20181107 (1MB)
Aria Etemad, VW

Implementation of ADFs and pre-piloting
L3Pilot_firstShowcase_presentation_Yves Page_20181107 (2,5 MB)
Yves Page, Groupe Renault

From research questions and study design to common data format
L3Pilot_firstShowcase_presentation_Satu Innamaa_20181107 (1 MB)
Satu Innamaa, VTT

Draft Code of Practice
L3Pilot_firstShowcase_presentation_Robert Martinez von Buelow_20181107 (1 MB)
Robert Martinez von Buelow, BMW



25th ITS World Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark
Sep 17-21, 2018

SIS45 Challenges on Testing and Validation of Automated Driving
Organiser: Aria Etemad, VW; Moderator: Angelos Amditis, ICCS

Pilot preparation and automated driving functions:
ITSWC2018_SIS45_presentation_Yves Page_20180919.pdf (2 MB)
Yves Page, Groupe Renault

Methodology for piloting, testing and evaluation of automated driving system:
ITSWC2018_SIS45_presentation_Satu Innamaa_20180919.pdf (1 MB)
Satu Innamaa, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

Evaluation Methodology of Automated Driving:
ITSWC2018_SIS45_presentation_Hendrik_Weber_20180919.pdf (2,5 MB)
Hendrik Weber, ika

Validation scenarios for VRU – Results of the PROSPECT project:
ITSWC2018_SIS45_presentation_Andres Aparicio_20180919.pdf (2MB)
Andrés Aparicio, ADAS/AD

Code of practice for automated driving functions:
ITSWC2018_SIS45_presentation_Andreas Knapp_20180919.pdf (2MB)
Andreas Knapp, Daimler AG

TS55 Impact Evaluation

Methodology for evaluation in L3Pilot:
ITSWC2018_TS55_presentation_Satu Innamaa_20180919.pdf (1 MB)
Satu Innamaa, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.



First L3Pilot webinar
Sep 6, 2018

Part of the CAD webinar series, moderated by Sophia Adam, ICCS


Brief introduction to L3Pilot project, Sarah Metzner, EICT
Objectives of L3Pilot methodology, Satu Innamaa, VTT
Setting experimental procedures for the pilots, Merja Penttinen, VTT
Evaluation method for takeover requests, Barbara Metz, WIVW

Entire webinar on YouTube (→external link).



AAAS 2018 (American Association for the Advancement of Science), Texas, USA
Feb 16, 2018
Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads: L3Pilot-Presentation_AAAS_2018_20180216.pdf (2 MB)
Aria Etemad, Volkswagen Group Research, represented by Ingrid Skogsmo, European Comission

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