L3Pilot Data


L3Pilot vehicle owners collected data during piloting on public roads to evaluate ADF. The anonymized and aggregated data collected in the pilot trials is shared among partners for the evaluation process in a common data format (CDF).

Drone datasets and other data, e.g. from simulator tests will provide additional information; large-scale international surveys with 36,000 respondents assess attitudes towards L3 technologies and the effects on mobility.


Common Data Format

L3Pilot partners succeeded in developing a common data format (CDF) for both data collection and processing and implemented a consolidated database for processed data collection. The proposed CDF enables driving data and user questionnaire data sharing and promotes the development of tools for AD functions testing, verification and validation. Based on the L3Pilot-CDF comparison of performance indicators across pilot sites per driving scenarios is enabled. The format is considered a useful specification item for follow-up projects in the field and it is expected to contribute in the future AD testing harmonization in Europe.

Data analysts interested to use L3Pilot-CDF may visit the published code under

(→ external link). 

Drone Datasets

Drone datasets add valuable information to the data recorded during the pilot trials in the test vehicle and by user inquiries.

In conjunction with the in-vehicle data and the answers received from questionnaires it supports the evaluation of the data received.

The L3Pilot partners Volkswagen AG and fka GmbH (Linked 3rd Party) provide open drone datasets that have been created in the course of the L3Pilot project. 

The OpenDD dataset published by Volkswagen Group Innovation is an extensive anonymized trajectory dataset, covering seven roundabouts in Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt, Germany.

You may access the dataset here.

The dataset offered by fka provides non-static reference measurements for the Vehicle under Test in public traffic in Aachen, Germany. The novel approach of flying along with the test vehicle allows to record valuable data supporting the technical evaluation. The drone data serves as a reference to the in-vehicle perception data and enhances the validity and reliability of data analysis.  

You may access the fka L3Pilot drone dataset here (→external link).

More about fka´s drone datasets and their application can be learned here (→external link).


Annual Survey Open Dataset 

The L3Pilot Global User Acceptance Survey investigated the acceptance of SAE Level 3 (L3) conditionally automated cars. Survey data was collected in two phases. This dataset contains the data from the first phase of the survey with responses collected from 17 countries on five continents. For further information about the survey, please consult L3Pilot deliverable D7.1 Annual quantitative survey about user acceptance towards ADAS and vehicle automation. Please find the deliverables here.

The annual survey open dataset has been published in the Zenodo repository.  

You may access the dataset here (→external link).