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Automated driving technology has matured to a level motivating a final phase of road tests which can answer key questions before market introduction of the systems. We will perform large-scale piloting of automated driving with developed SAE Level 3 and Level 4 functions in passenger cars. Our tests will expose them to different users, mixed traffic environments, including conventional vehicles and vulnerable road users.

As consortium we address four major technical and scientific objectives for the L3Pilot project:

  • Create a standardised Europe-wide piloting environment for automated driving.
  • Coordinate activities across the piloting community to acquire the required data for evaluation.
  • Pilot, test and evaluate automated driving functions.
  • Innovate and promote automated driving for wider awareness and market introduction.



We test functions up to SAE automation levels 3 and 4: conditional automation and high automation. Thereby, tests cover three major areas of traffic scenarios: driving on motorways, the parking environment, as well as the urban area. The application for traffic jams on motorways will also be examined.

L3Pilot functions’ details will be available soon and published in the Report D4.1 Description and taxonomy of automated driving functions. 

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L3Pilot unites 34 partners: OEMs, suppliers, research, SMEs, insurers, one authority and one user group.







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Co-Funding and support

The project volume amounts to €68 million. Thereof, the European Union allocates €36 million from the Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement No 723051. The project is supported by the European Council for Automotive R&D EUCAR.



L3Pilot is closely linked to the following projects, international initiatives, associations and European bodies working in the field of connected and automated driving.