L3Pilot partners agree on common data format – and publish it open access

L3Pilot partners, among them 13 OEMs, succeeded in developing a common data format (CDF). As a format harmonized between tens of organizations performing tests in the L3Pilot project, the proposed format has the potential to promote data sharing as well as development of tools and gain popularity for use in other projects.

This compact, portable, and extensible format allows to handle extremely large amounts of field test data collected in automated driving pilots and marks an important milestone towards a common Europe-wide piloting environment.

The L3Pilot-CDF enables an optimized process of data collection, storage and evaluation. It secures an essential pipeline from data collection to a project-wide tool chain for all analysis of vehicle and related data (e.g. driver, traffic, weather) in the project.

The L3Pilot-CDF based on the HDF5 data model as well as the conversion scripts have been published on GitHub, a well-known code sharing platform→ external link).

Under MIT license, format and code can be used and developed by the community for both commercial and research purposes. To support the concept of the MIT license, L3Pilot partners welcome users to share their improvements and developments by also publishing them under MIT license.

The L3Pilot-CDF will be continuously developed and evaluated during the L3Pilot project. Public feedback on GitHub through `issues´ or `pull requests´ will be considered in the development of the L3Pilot common data format until the end of the project in 2021.

Detailed information on the format can be also found publicly accessible on→ external link).

For further information please contact L3Pilot Dissemination Manager