openDD: Large-scale roundabout drone dataset released by L3Pilot

The Volkswagen Group Innovation released in cooperation with the L3Pilot project the openDD dataset. It is now available on the L3Pilot website The data set covers anonymized trajectories and high precision bounding boxes of over 80,000 different road users tracked with a unique object identifier in over 62 hours of data, as well as high-definition map information. Seven different roundabouts with varying topologies in Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt, Germany, are included in the dataset.

This dataset is the largest publicly available trajectory dataset recorded from a drone perspective as of today. It offers a wide variation of trajectories that are invaluable when learning the behavior of traffic participants in the context of highly automated driving functions such as the ones studied by the L3Pilot project.

“The commercial and non-commercial license makes it a valuable dataset for public research as well as for startups and other commercial interested parties”, says Aria Etemad, Volkswagen Group Innovation and L3Pilot Coordinator.

More details on the dataset, an elaborate description of the data included in the dataset, as well as the dataset itself can be found on its website: