About L3Pilot

Automated driving technology has matured to a level motivating a final phase of road tests which can answer key questions before market introduction of the systems. The European research project L3Pilot tests the viability of automated driving as a safe and efficient means of transportation on public roads. It will focus on large-scale piloting of SAE Level 3 functions, with additional assessment of some Level 4 functions. The functionality of the systems will be exposed to variable conditions with 1,000 drivers and 100 cars across ten European countries, including cross-border routes.
The technologies being tested cover a wide range of driving situations, including parking, overtaking on highways and driving through urban intersections. The tests will provide valuable data for evaluating technical aspects, user acceptance, driving and travel behaviour, as well as impact on traffic and safety.
With the comprehensive piloting of automated driving functions in test vehicles, L3Pilot will pave the way for large-scale field tests of series cars on public roads.


Save the date: L3Pilot Showcase No. 2

The second L3Pilot Showcase “Piloting Automated Driving” will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on 6-7 November 2019. The L3Pilot test vehicle owners...

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L3Pilot Summer School

The L3Pilot Summer School "Developing and Testing Automated Driving" will take place in Athens, Greece, on 13-14 May 2020.

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L3Pilot held first showcase during 2018 EUCAR Reception & Conference in Brussels, Belgium

L3Pilot partners presented nine cars equipped with automated driving technologies during the 2018 Annual EUCAR Reception & Conference at Autoworld in...

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L3Pilot @ 3rd European conference on results from road transport research in H2020 projects

L3Pilot partners will present the project at the 3rd European conference on results from road transport research in H2020 projects. The conference...

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L3Pilot successfully hosted session @ ITS European Congress 2019

L3Pilot partners held a special interest session on the topic “Towards an integrative approach for safe and secure automated driving” during the ITS...

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L3Pilot Experimental Procedure available for download

Following the Deliverable D3.1 `From research questions to logging requirements´, Deliverable D3.2 `Experimental Procedure´ continues the L3Pilot...

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Traffic Jam Chauffeur

On motorways and similar roads the car takes over the driving in traffic jam up to 60 km/h. When the detection of slow driving vehicles in front indicates a traffic jam, the function can be activated. In some instances, the car changes the lane to react to a slower vehicle ahead or infrastructural reasons like exit lanes.

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Motorway Chauffeur

With the Motorway Chauffeur the car adapts to various traffic conditions. It follows the lane and adjusts speed considering various factors such as keeping a safe distance to the vehicle in front or following the speed limit. If a preceding slower vehicle is detected the car overtakes automatically as soon as it is safely possible.

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Parking Chauffeur

The Parking Chauffeur allows the user to request their vehicle to complete manoeuvring into and out of garages and driveways. The car learns a fixed trajectory from the entrance of the house to the home garage and vice versa. This automated driving feature relieves the driver from repeating parking manoeuvres.

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Urban Chauffeur

With the Urban Chauffeur the vehicle automatically follows the lane, starts and stops and handles overtaking within cities. When coming to a crossing the car handles right and left turn, recognises on-coming traffic and vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, and selects the correct crossing path, even if no lane marking is present.

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