L3Pilot held first showcase during 2018 EUCAR Reception & Conference in Brussels, Belgium

L3Pilot partners presented nine cars equipped with automated driving technologies during the 2018 Annual EUCAR Reception & Conference at Autoworld in Brussels, Belgium on November 6 and 7.

EUCAR invited L3Pilot, the largest European automotive research project on automated driving, as main exhibitor during the main event of the automotive association. The council regularly invites key experts and high-level decision makers from automotive research, industry and politics to Autoworld in Brussels, Belgium. Keynote speaker was Gerd Schuster, EUCAR Chairman and Senior Vice President Research, New Technologies and Innovations at BMW Group.

L3Pilot presented the test vehicles built-up by the project OEMs to the high level audience from politics and industry. The about 240 participants had the opportunity to look ahead and witness tangible evidence of tomorrow’s digitised road transportation.

During the event, L3Pilot exhibited and demonstrated automated vehicle functions inside and in front of Autoworld with nine cars. The driving demonstration included automated driving parking. Video feedback was gathered from the test drivers to learn about their most impressing or most surprising moment of the demonstration.

On November 7, 2018, the EUCAR Conference hosted a session on L3Pilot:

  • Overview over L3Pilot and a user study for automated driving, Aria Etemad, VW
  • Implementation of ADFs and pre-piloting, Yves Page, Renault
  • From research questions and study design to common data format, Satu Innamaa, VTT
  • Draft Code of Practice for automated driving, Robert Martinez von Buelow, BMW

Please find here the presentations for download:

Please follow this link to read the press release from EUCAR: (→external link)

Here are some impressions of the first L3Pilot Showcase: